The aim of the regional adaptation of the global INFORM model for the Latin America and Caribbean region (LAC-INFORM) is to count with a risk tool that incorporates a set of risk indicators that capture the realities of the Latin America and Caribbean region (LAC) and provide a realistic comparison of the countries within the region. The LAC-INFORM results are a valuable input into any analysis that supports planning or resource allocation processes at the regional level. The tool will be used to support regional prevention and preparedness actions, for example of the REDLAC group. It can also contribute to the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Sustainable Development Goals, etc.

Download the latest release INFORM LAC 2018 (release 01/12/2017) - INFORM LAC 2018 (Spanish version) - NEW

 Download INFORM LAC 2018 Results Report (EN version) - NEW

Download the release INFORM LAC 2017 (release 17/02/2017) - INFORM LAC 2017 (Spanish version)

 Download Full methodology Report - Full methodology Report (Spanish version)

 Download INFORM LAC 2017 Flyer - INFORM LAC 2017 Flyer (Spanish version)

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Interactive map

How to use this map

The interactive map and graphs are using StatPlanet. Most elements of the map are configurable by clicking on them and setting options. The main options are:

fullscreen Show application on full screen
indicator Select the indicator to show in the map and graphs from the drop down list. The list is hierarchical.
region Select the region to show on the map. Only countries in that region will be shown.
graphtype Select graph type. The bubble graph allows you to compare two indicators (with a third one for the size of the bubbles). 
legend Click the legend to adjust the colour scale and classification thresholds.

Full documentation is available from the StatSilk website.

INFORM results table