INFORM Guatemala is a municipal risk index that identifies risks, threats, vulnerabilities and response capacities in the 340 municipalities of Guatemala. The municipal risk index simplifies information about crisis risk and is comprised of 29 indicators representing the three dimensions of risk: hazard and exposure, vulnerability, and lack of coping capacity.

The results of the Guatemala INFORM index will be used by the National Coordination System for Disaster Risk Reduction (CONRED) for its analysis of risk of humanitarian crisis and disasters, municipal response capacities and potential humanitarian needs. Government institutions, civil society and international cooperation organizations can also use the results to focus the design and implementation of development programs and projects.

The Guatemala INFORM initiative is supported by UNICEF, OCHA and WFP.

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The InfoRM index will be released in November 2014. For the sake of transparency and openness, the beta-version of the InfoRM index, released in January 2014, is available for download. The index and methodology is currently undergoing thorough analysis by InfoRM core partners, in particular on its performance and relevance in different sectors and the feasibility of adapting internal decision processes to use InfoRM. You're welcome to download and analyse InfoRM data, but please be cautious with your interpretation and carefully read the methodology and current limitations of InfoRM, as well as the future developments. Your feedback is welcome.